He paints your nails, so you two can bond

  • Harry: He picks out a glittery-blue shade you have, and gets to work. He's sitting on the opposite side of the table with you with his tongue sticking out in concentration before he's even started. 'So, [Y/N]. How have you been?' he asks as he smiles and you tell him about your day and in the middle of your story about your exam he suddenly shouts 'AWH MAN!' and as you look up you see he's got nail varnish all over the table. '...Sorry.'
  • Louis: He sits you down on your floor and puts your hand on his leg as he sets off to work, picking various vibrant colours. 'Oooooh, dayum girl. This is SO your shade!' he says enthusiastically while picking up an orange. You simply laugh as he makes more comments like this and an hour later he says 'Okay girlfriend, the swag masta from Doncaster has finished his masterpiece!' and is so proud that he takes a picture and posts it on his twitter.
  • Liam: 'Uh, tell me if I hurt you okay?' he asks you worriedly, yet again you tell him it won't hurt. He picks out a lovely pink colour and takes him time and you two just talk. Talk about your life, his life, his turtles and then tours. Did I mention he asked you to join him?
  • Niall: He chooses a green, white and orange and attempts to do them in three stripes to let out your inner Irish-ness although you both stop halfway through to go out to eat so you ended up finishing them off when you got back..
  • Zayn: You help him sort out his twitcam issues and after half an hour he gets bored and asks the fans for things to do. 'Paint [Y/N]'s nails black. Sounds good to me!' he reads off the screen and you dig out your nail varnish bag and find your black. For twenty minutes he sits in complete silence, concentrating as hard as he can while you laugh at the fan's reactions to him releasing some of his inner-romantic. 'Zayn, you can paint me any time' you read off the screen and laugh. '[Y/N] DON'T MOVE' he shouts as you judder when you laugh, 'Okay, okay, sorry!' you say and pull a funny face to the camera.
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