You pull a prank on him

  • Niall: It's been a couple days since Niall mixed ketchup into your pancakes, and you've been planning to get him back. You are friends with the manager at the local Nandos, and with the help of Louis, you talk to him and explain what you are trying to do. "Hey [Y/N], go with me to Nandos for a quick lunch?" Niall suggests. You and an unsuspecting Niall walk to the restaurant, your devilish plan in mind. "W-what's going on?!" Niall says. His voice starts to break as he takes a look at the sight of Nandos being closed down. Niall begins to tear up, but stops as he hears you trying to stifle a laugh. He looks at you as you say, "Gotcha" with a smile. He attacks you with a tight hug and plants sloppy kisses on your face. "You literally just gave me a heart attack, [Y/N]". After that, you tell the manager thanks and have yourselves some food.
  • Liam: With Liam being his cute self, you did not want to prank him back too harsh. You decide to go easy and squirt whipped cream in his face while he is sleeping. You suggest that he deserves a little sleep for the hard work and responsibility he's kept up in the band, while you clean up the house a little. From time to time, you peer inside your bedroom as he tries to get some sleep. Once he is in deep sleep, you silently creep into the room and onto the bed, whipped cream cans in hand. You glance at his face, as you gush for a minute of how adorable he looks, even considering to cancel your little plan. You overcome those feelings and you spray the cream all over his face and neck. Forgetting he is a light sleeper, you let out a laugh. He wakes up, a confused expression plastered on his face. "Aww, Liam i'm so sorry, i just wanted to get you back and-". He stops your rant and gives you a passionate kiss. You forget about the whipped cream and you realize only when you begin to taste it. You pull away and give him a hug. Liam takes a picture of the both of you making it his background.
  • Louis: After one week of silent treatment for Louis, you can't help but to try and get him back. You cannot think of anything else but to do something similar he did to you. "Hey Lou? Could you go out and get me some chocolate?" you ask him politely. "Sure babe. What kind?". You tell him to get whatever and rush him out of the house, avoiding to give him any hints.You get a ladder and a bucket full of tomato sauce and attempt to balance it above your door. You loose track of what time it is and hear Louis through the front door. You try and rush to get the bucket to balance when you hear Louis say, "Hey love?". This surprises you and you fall backwards, bringing the bucket with you. The bucket manages to spill its contents on you and only you. He gives you a smirk and says "That's why you don't prank the master, love". You stand up, and chase him around the house to try and give him a hug, you leaving tracks of sauce all over the house for you and Lou to clean up.
  • Harry: Since Harry played with your hair, you decide to get him back by playing with his hair as well. On his day off, he is fast asleep in your bedroom with you in his arms, only that you are not sleeping. You wait for the right time to squirm out of his arms and quietly creep into your bathroom. You grab your straightener and plug it right next to the nightstand and patiently wait for it to heat up. The time comes as you sit on the bed, straightening Harry's curly locks. After you are finished you take a look at Harry still fast asleep. His hair was not fully straightened as he was sleeping on the back parts. You try and hold in a laugh as his hair is half straight, half curly. You take your phone and take a picture. You realized too late that you forgot to take flash off and instantly wake up Harry. Sleep is still evident in his eyes as he doesn't realize what you've done yet. You give him an innocent look and he believes it, up until straight pieces of his hair falls on his face. "Oops" you say. He pins you on the bed and smother you in kisses. "I'll get you back, love" he says with a devilish grin on his face. You can't help but laugh as he looks so silly with his hair like that.
  • Zayn: Not being a very good prankster yourself as well, you manage to hide all of Zayn's personal belongings that include hair products and clothes into your attic. He arrives home and goes directly to your guy's room."Hey babe? Where is all of my stuff?" he asks. You rush over to your room and pretend like you didn't know what happened. Zayn immediately knows what's going on and walks over to you as you step away from him, resulting in you backed up the wall by him. "Z-zayn, babe. I don't know what's going on." you stutter. Zayn lets out a low growl and gives out a laugh. "Babe, you're so cute when you try to lie". You blush immediately as he holds your arms above your head and question you further. Zayn crushes his lips onto yours as a way to coax the answer out of you. You instantly melt into the kiss and further deepen it until you are on top of Zayn on your bed. While he is kissing you, you jump off of him and run away. "You'll never get it out of me, babe!" you yell out as you sprint downstairs.
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